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Acne Treatment Specialist

Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions

Aesthetic Injectors and Certified Laser Specialists & Aesthetic Center located in Westlake Village, CA

Acne is one of the most common — yet misunderstood — skin conditions in the United States. No single treatment works for all, which is frustrating for those struggling with the physical and emotional effects of acne. Dedicated to helping you clear up your blemishes, Bruce J. Sand, MD, FACS, and the team at Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions in Westlake Village, California, offer comprehensive acne treatment plans that address your skin needs to clear up blemishes and improve the look of your skin. To learn more about our acne treatments, call the office or book online today.

Acne Treatment Q&A

What is acne?

Acne occurs when your pores plug up with oil and dead skin cells. When normal bacteria from your skin gets trapped in a clogged pore, the bacteria multiply and cause inflammation and redness. 

Acne is common, and there are many treatments available to improve the look of your skin. However, the skin condition is persistent, which can leave you feeling frustrated.

If you’re searching for an effective acne treatment, Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions can customize the treatment that works best for you. 

What is acne treatment?

At Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions, we offer innovative treatments and products to clear up your acne and improve the look of your skin. Acne treatments include:

LED light treatment

For your LED light treatment, we use the Omnilux Light Therapy system, a versatile system that uses multiple wavelengths to get the desired results.

The bacteria responsible for acne are sensitive to light. During your acne LED light treatment, we use blue LEDs in conjunction with red LEDs to destroy the bacteria, stimulate cell growth, and decrease inflammation. 

With LED light treatment, you may also see a decrease in pore size, improvement in the quality of your skin, and an increase in hydration and elasticity. 


We may recommend a photofacial as part of your acne treatment. 

Acne skin products

To support the benefits of your in-office treatments, we may suggest various products to use at home for your acne. The boutique practice offers the most advanced skin care lines available, including Obagi®, Ayur-Medic, and Mark Lees®.

We work closely with you to determine the best at-home acne treatments to help you maintain your blemish-free skin.   

How do I know what acne treatment is right for me?

Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions is dedicated to providing the best care possible to fix your skin imperfections. Before making any acne treatment recommendations, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your skin, medical history, and beauty concerns.

Based on the information gathered during your in-depth consultation, we provide a personalized treatment plan outlining the therapies best suited to improve your acne. 

To clear up your acne for good and improve the look of your skin, schedule your acne treatment consultation at Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions by phone or online today. 

*Individual results may vary.