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Fillers Specialist

Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions

Aesthetic Injectors and Certified Laser Specialists & Aesthetic Center located in Westlake Village, CA

Injectable fillers are a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that adds volume under your skin to enhance your features and reduce the signs of aging. At Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions in Westlake Village, California, Bruce J. Sand, MD, FACS, and the team use a variety of fillers to help you achieve your beauty goals. To schedule a consultation, contact the office by phone or book online today.

Fillers Q&A

What are fillers?

Fillers, or dermal fillers, are cosmetic injections that restore lost volume to help your battle against the visible signs of aging or enhance your facial features. At Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions, we use fillers to:

  • Plump thin lips
  • Enhance shallow contours (like undereye circles)
  • Soften facial creases
  • Remove wrinkles 
  • Improve the appearance of recessed scars

When you visit Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions for a filler consultation, we conduct a thorough evaluation to assess your needs. We then recommend a specific treatment or a combination of treatments to help you achieve your desired look. 

What are the types of fillers?

Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions is a state-of-the-art medical practice dedicated to providing the best aesthetic treatments available. To help you achieve your beauty goals, we offer many brands of dermal fillers, including:


Juvéderm is a line of dermal fillers that contains hyaluronic acid gel. We may recommend Juvéderm to smooth out wrinkles and folds around your nose and mouth. 

Juvéderm uses a process called Hylacross® to create a consistently smooth gel for a natural look. The line of dermal filler injections also contains an anesthetic to minimize discomfort during administration. 


The Restylane family of fillers includes Restylane® and Restylane Kysse®. Restylane contains a clear hyaluronic acid gel that reduces the appearance of moderate to severe facial folds.

Restylane® Kysse

This filler that adds volume to your lips and smooths the upper lip lines to enhance your smile. The lip filler is made with XpresHAn Technology’s™ innovative cross-linking gel to create natural-looking results. Results last up to one year. 


Voluma is a modified hyaluronic acid made from a naturally occurring complex sugar that instantly adds volume and subtly lifts the cheek area. This filler may temporarily reverse the signs of aging and restore facial contours for up to two years.  


This is an injectable gel that adds subtle volume to your lips and smoothes the appearance of perioral lines, also known as "lipstick lines." You can see immediate improvement after the treatment, and results last up to one year.


This injectable helps to create a smoother appearance for people with moderate to severe facial wrinkles around the nose and mouth. The results of the treatment last up to 18 months.


Radiesse is a filler that contains calcium hydroxyapatite suspended in a cellulose gel carrier, which stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production to help prolong the benefits. We use Radiesse for deeper wrinkles rather than fine lines. 

Belotero Balance® 

Belotero Balance is a hyaluronic acid with unique properties that allow it to adapt within the skin for soft and even correction.    

In addition to the face, fillers may also be injected into the hands to yield a younger, plumper appearance. 

How do I prepare for my fillers?

In most cases, there’s no special preparation required for fillers.

However, we may recommend you avoid blood thinners, such as aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, St. John’s Wort, or high doses of vitamin E, the week leading up to your injections to prevent bruising. 

Fillers are a quick and effective cosmetic treatment that reduce the signs of aging and fix facial flaws with immediate results. To schedule your fillers consultation, call Good to Great: Medical Cosmetic Solutions or use the online booking tool today. 

*Individual results may vary.