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An At-Home Acne Treatment You Will Love

Omnilux CLEAR

Acne often makes us feel uncomfortable in our own skin, and add on the frustration experienced by many as the first acne treatment provided by a dermatologist may not work, followed by several more visits and treatments. The Omnilux CLEAR takes the frustration out of acne treatments, allowing you to treat your acne rapidly and consistently from the comfort of your own home. 


This FDA cleared, dermatologist-recommended red and blue light therapy mask has been clinically proven to reduce active acne and blemishes, reduce redness and inflammation, soften the appearance of acne scarring, and clear breakouts faster.


The best part is, the Omnilux CLEAR does all of this naturally, with no pain, no side effects, and no downtime- all in the comfort of your own home! This comfortable silicone mask will change the way you approach acne treatment forever!


This revolutionary acne treatment provides best results with an easy regime of four 10 minute treatments per week for 6 weeks. Upon completion of this initial series, simply use the Omnilux CLEAR at the earliest signs of a breakout. 


Using the device is as easy as it can be- all you need to do is charge your controller and connect it to the device, prepare your skin, secure the device to your skin using the velcro straps, and start your 10 minute treatment!


Patients love this at home red and blue light therapy treatment for their acne. Upon purchase, you will receive the flexible silicone Omnilux CLEAR device, a rechargeable battery controller, power supply and plug adaptors, USB C line to USB A line connector, head straps, a carry bag, and built-in protective eye shields. 


Experience this groundbreaking new acne treatment that the patients at Good to Great Medical Cosmetic Solutions love. Stop in or call our office today at 805-358-0549 for more information. 

Good to Great Medical Cosmetic Solutions

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