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What really is Botox?


What is Botox? Botox is an FDA approved, neurotoxin treatment that is injected beneath the surface of the skin to temporarily reduce muscle activity that can result in undesired wrinkles and lines. 

Who is a candidate for Botox? Men and women both are candidates for Botox! Additionally, age is not the determining factor in eligibility- the severity of your lines or wrinkles are. See our Botox expert, Mary Sand RN BSN CNOR PHN for a free consultation to determine a Botox treatment to meet your individual needs. 


After Botox treatment, when will I begin to see results and how long will my result last for? Results from a botox treatment can be visible as soon as 24-48 hours after treatment, but can take up to 30 days for their full effect. Result duration varies from patient to patient, and Mary will be able to consult with you to determine how frequently you should receive treatment.


Is Botox safe? Yes! Botox is FDA approved and had been tested for 16 years prior to getting approved. Botox is the neurotoxin treatment of choice by patients all over the world, as it is used in over 95 countries. 


Are there customer loyalty programs available for Botox? Yes there are! Our office is proud to partner with Alle, an online rewards service that rewards you for your Botox treatments. Once you have completed the simple registration, you will earn points on your treatments which will result in money off future treatments! 


We hope this blog post was able to help you learn more about the popular Botox treatments we offer! Call our office today to book your free consultation with Mary and devise a Botox treatment plan together. 

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